Polypropylene (PP) is another thermoplastic polymer very common in everyday objects. Labelled as #5, it is very versatile in fact it can be processed by virtually all thermoplastic-processing methods. Most typically PP is used in extrusion blow moulding and injection moulding of clear film packaging, carpet fibres, ropes, labelling, domestic appliances, automotive parts, crates and boxes, house ware, furniture, etc.


PP has properties between those of LDPE and HDPE: it is semi-rigid, it is translucent, it has a good chemical resistance, it is tough, it has a good fatigue resistance, an integral hinge property, a good heat resistance and, mostly important, it is also recyclable.

Life cycles studies on this material ensure the considerable potential of PP as a sustainable product. As Polypropylene has a unique specific density, it can be easily sorted from other plastics by a simple sink-float separation.

It will float when other materials will not. Polypropylene recycling is actually emerging as an important option for the environmental benefits it produces, and is seen by manufacturers as an economically viable option on a large scale. The main benefit is the substantial reduction in the consumption of raw resources (oil and propane gas). Statistics estimate that around 8% of the oil which is used worldwide (it is about 400 million tonnes) is applied in the traditional methods of plastic. Moreover there is about 88% reduction in energy usage if plastic is recycled and produced from plastics. PP can be recycled into a wide range of products such as clothing fibres, industrial fibres, garden furniture, gardening apparatus, etc.

We have availability of PP recycled plastics materials in various formats:

PP Bales: we collect PP films, spunbonded non-woven, ropes/yarn and raffia woven and pressed these materials in compact bales. Before baling we process these recycled plastics putting them into a dry-cleaning line and grinding into small cuts. PP recycled plastics materials pressed bales come from factories (post-industrial waste), post-consumer and agricultural sector. These recycled plastics are mainly natural, white, mix-coloured.

PP regrind: we collect hard PP plastic scraps such as jazz household items, flower-pots, crates, bumpers, furniture, caps, sheets, etc. then we shred and regrind these recycled plastics into small-sized flakes. According to clients’ needs and requirements, we use 12-10-8 mm grid screen and supply the recycled plastics flakes washed or unwashed into big bags.

PP repro-pellets: we process PP recycled plastics scraps materials into high quality secondary raw materials in form of pellets which are ready to be transformed into finished recycled plastics items. Our PP recycled plastics repro-pellets are mostly suitable for injection moulding applications. These recycled plastics, PP repro-pellets are available in green and black colour, with or without filler and fibre.