LDPE – Low density Polythylene

Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is another very common plastic we can find in everyday objects. Labelled as #4 plastic, it is mainly used to manufacture packaging films, bags, refuse sacks, agricultural films, and irrigation pipes.

LDPE plastic has several properties: it is tough and flexible, it has a waxy surface, and it is soft and had a good transparency. It has got stable electrical properties, a low melting point and it is a good moisture barrier.

Huge amounts of LDPE scraps’ origin are factories. Those companies that generate significant quantities of LDPE waste can turn these scraps into a significant economical return by collecting, sorting and storing them accurately.

As LDPE is also use with relevance in agriculture, the collection of LDPE agricultural films means a possibility of an economical return for farmers as well.


Recycling LDPE means saving space in landfills as well as cleaning fields and from plastic scraps, allowing this way to safeguard the environment and reduce contamination.

We collect and process Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) recycled plastics, which are available in various formats:

LDPE Bales: we collect LDPE films and tubes and press these materials in compact bales. Recycled plastics tubes mostly come from the agricultural sector and were previously used in irrigation. Recycled plastic films come from factories (post-industrial waste) and from post-consumer and agricultural sector. These recycled plastics, are mainly natural, black or mix-coloured.



The LDPE Agglomerate is processed from LDPE recycled plastics film collected from the agricultural sector (greenhouses film). The recycling process includes a first shredding step, then the shredded film pass through the washing line and it is finally agglomerated. The output recycled plastics LDPE material is packed into big bags and ready for use in extrusion or injection manufacturing processes.


We collect LDPE plastic scraps such as tubes from agricultural sector and lumps coming from factories (post-industrial waste), then we regrind these recycled plastics into small-sized flakes. According to client’s needs and requirements, we use 12-10-8 mm grid screen and supply the recycled plastics flakes washed or unwashed into big bags.



We process LDPE recycled plastics scraps materials into high quality secondary raw materials in form of pellets which are ready to be transformed into finished recycled plastics items. Our LDPE recycled plastics repro-pellets are mostly suitable for pipes, film and sheets extrusion (input materials are post-industrial and agricultural films). These recycled plastics, LDPE repro-pellets are available in natural, honey, brown and black colours.