HDPE – High-density polyethylene

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is one of the most commonly used plastics. Labelled as #2 plastic, it is typically used to manufacture milk jugs, plastic bags and refillable plastic bottles, buckets, crates, office products and car parts.

HDPE plastic has several properties: it is versatile, lightweight and super-strong, malleable, impact resistant, long lasting and weather resistant. Lightweight and strong can translate into less impact on the environment. Its strength says a lot about the importance of recycling.


HDPE materials are widely accepted at recycling sites. HDPE recycling allows reducing costs and environmental impact. Products made from recycled HDPE are cheaper and recycling plastics, in general, is more cost-efficient than creating it from virgin material. Of course, the cost of raw material which has been used has a reflection on the overall cost of products.

 Recycling contributes to reduction in resource consumption and pollution. There is a relevant reduction in carbon impact for products and packaging manufactured with recycled plastics: with a tonne of recycled plastic bottles, for example,(rPET or rHDPE ) in new bottles saves around a tonne of CO2eq.


We have availability of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) recycled plastics materials in various formats:

HDPE Bales: we collect HDPE nets, HDPE tapes&tubes , HDPE films and HDPE bottles press these materials in compact bales. HDPE Recycled plastics come from post-industrial waste, post-consumer and agricultural or farming sector. These recycled plastics in bales are mainly natural, black or mix-coloured.

Regrind: we collect HDPE rigid plastic scraps such as irrigation tapes & tubes, fruit crates, bottles, caps, cans, drums, car parts (tanks), etc. then we shred and regrind these recycled plastics into small-sized flakes. According to clients’ needs and requirements, we use 12-10-8 mm grid screen and supply the recycled plastics flakes washed or unwashed into big bags. Repro-pellets: we process HDPE recycled plastics scraps materials into high quality secondary raw materials in form of pellets which are ready to be transformed into a wide range of finished recycled plastics items. Our HDPE recycled plastics repro-pellets are suitable for extrusion and blown applications (input materials are bottles and cans) or for injection moulding (input material is post-consumer film). Recycled plastics HDPE repro-pellets are available in a wide range of colours (light-blue, yellow, green, white, grey and black) or natural.