We collect, process and distribute recycled plastics materials.

We assure your goods by land and sea. Available materials’ inspection and logistical support. Strategic logistics position of loading point. Savings in logistics costs for containers’ shipments.

Recycled Plastics of Granzaplast S.L.


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Granzaplast S.L. dedicates to plastics recycling and off-grades materials distribution.

We process and supply LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, PET and EVA in form of granules, regrind or bales, according to clients’ needs.

Plastic scraps we collect and process have industrial, agricultural or post-cosume origins.

We collect loose scraps and treat it as required according to materials’ characteristics: some material are simply pressed into compact bales, some another are washed and then agglomerated or regrind, or finally get to end of recycling process, that is granulation.

Our central offices are based in Murcia, in South-East Spain, and we also dispose of logistic and processing point close to the Port of Valencia, in a very convenient position for containers’ logistics.

From the beginning of our activity, in 1995, we have grown by establishing a large network of supplying sources, collaborations and representations of leading companies in the recycled plastic sector. We are pleased to offer to clients all our experience, seriousness, along with convenient terms and nice prices.